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  • Steve Davis

Selling this year? The winter is the perfect time to get started on the list!

Here's my list of "To Do's, Updates and Repairs to prep for selling.

Finish Projects that you started! Oh yeah, those! Ugh!


Clean/Replace flooring

New Light Fixtures - Dated is dated, new pops and easy way to make home look trendy! And replace fans with modern lighting.

Swap out Hardware - Door. knobs, handles, switches

Install New Vanities - Bathrooms and Kitchens are your biggest return on investments so spend your money wisely!

Re-Caulk - Remove old and re-caulk showers/baths and sinks - just don't make it sloppy when you re-caulk!

Light Bulb - Don't mix and match the bulbs, and make sure all bulbs work. Its so important for showings.

Water Leaks - Honey Badger has no time for leaks or what appears to be leaks. Have them addressed now and also repaint any old dry stained leaks.

Power Wash exterior and Sidewalks

Declutter - Less is the best - especially in kitchen - goal: nothing on counters!

Closets - Less is more in closets and make sure nothing is on the floor except shoes.

Clean the whole House - You can do it! Make it look nice and clean!

Remove all Personal Items - Photos! Sorry, but you can live without them for 2 months - buyers do not want to see you - they want to see themselves in this home.

Declutter: I already said this, but I wanted to say it again - DECLUTTER! especially in kitchen and bathrooms! Nothing should be on the counters....ok,maybe a coffer maker! You can live like this for a month or 2 prior to selling!

Just a friendly reminder. Don't stress, we have a handyman to do a lot of your repairs/udpates...Property Lion! They are only available to River Fox Realty clients, so connect with me even if you're far out from your target selling date. Our #1 goal is to take your to-do list and make it OURS!

Reach out to me, I have a proven marketing strategy and my clients love the results! List it with a FOX!

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