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  • Steve Davis

Seller Tips: 3 common mistakes for sellers when packin' up and moving out!

There are so many moving parts to selling your home and getting on to your new chapter. These 3 items are ones that come up all the I thought I'd share.

Utilities... leave all utilities on (except for internet/cable) until the day you officially close. Why? Buyers do a final walkthrough prior to close and its to make sure the home is in the same condition that they last saw it. A buyer needs to make sure the AC still is working and the refrigerator is still running, etc. As much as you want to get that off your list of to do's, just wait until close.

TV brackets on walls...They stay believe it or not! You are not alone in being confused by thinking they are part of the TV but they are part of the home once attached to the house - just as if it was a mirror or a satellite dish etc. If you want to take them make sure you address it at time of the listing the home.

Grass cutting...the last thing you want to is more yard work at the home you are leaving but it needs to be done one last time! The last thing a new homebuyer wants to do is show up after closing and see the yard with tall grass. It's also just the right thing to do!

Still have questions or thinking about selling your home while the market is hot? Want to know what your home is worth? Let's talk. Call me or fill out the form below.

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