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Steve is not a good agent. Steve is not a great agent. Steve is the BEST agent. We looked at houses every Sunday for about 3 months. He would add in extra houses just make sure we didn't waste a single minute. He knows all of the neighborhoods and their history. Steve is very patient, especially with these market conditions. I never felt pressured to put in an offer on a house or judged when we we looked at 10-15 houses in a day and I wasn't impressed by any of them. When it comes to negotiating, he has your back. He knows when it is a good idea to waive inspection and appraisal and when it's not. In my case, even in this market, we were able to get under contract with inspection and appraisal! It didn't really feel like a business transaction but someone who really cares about getting you into your next home."

Nadim K

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